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Questions and Answers : Windows : Uninstall classic

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Message 1852 - Posted 27 Aug 2004 9:05:11 UTC

    Stupid quastion!! I\'ve classic To use BOINC Cp.Net, I have to uninstall the old classic??


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    Message 1855 - Posted 27 Aug 2004 9:40:46 UTC

      Hi Millen,

      not a stupit guestion IMHO.
      I would suggest to backup classic (it's about 8MB .zip file in my case) and then uninstall. It enables you to run again (perhaps you like THC slowdown experiment which will not be available for BOINC) need with no need to install again and re-register. Note that BOINC and classic can run paralel - which makes sence on P4 with HT. But you would propably decise to run 2 BOINC models...

      Also, archive folder can be moved to a CD of DVD for futher analysis (IDL, CPView or perhaps specially ad-hoc utilities provided later by CPDN team to test some hypotesis).

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      Message 1874 - Posted 27 Aug 2004 13:32:56 UTC

        The two are completely separate. You can keep running both if you want. If you do want to ditch 'classic' and move to boinc, you can do it now, or run both until your classic model finishes and then quit 'classic' to continue with boinc only
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        Message 2031 - Posted 28 Aug 2004 21:11:55 UTC

          Or you can do the following

          Is there an easy way to stop / start the CPDN Service (Windows NT4/2000/XP)?
          1) Open Notepad then copy &amp; paste the following
          net stop CPDNservice
          echo off
          echo . CPDNservice paused.
          echo .
          echo . Click anywhere outside this box before using your keyboard.
          echo .
          echo . To restart the CPDNservice, click on the title bar then.....
          echo .
          echo on
          net start CPDNservice
          Save as "CPDNpause.bat" wherever you want - I used C:\Windows\Program Files\Climate Prediction
          2) Navigate to the CPDNpause.bat batch file using Windows Explorer - Right click on CPDNpause.bat and 'Send to...' Desktop (as shortcut)
          3) Grab the new icon on your desktop and dump it on your 'Quick Start' bar then trash the extra icon that will remain on your desktop.
          Anytime you want the CPDN service halted whilst doing something especially I/O or CPU intensive on your computer then simply click the Quickstart icon titled "CPDNpause". This way you'll have a reminder that the CPDNservice is effectively paused from the Commandline box on your desktop or in your taskbar if you minimise it - only problem with that is CPDN won't resume if another user kills the Commandline box before it completes running CPDNpause.bat but that's not my endaba. If the main user clicks the "CPDNpause" taskbar icon again and follows the instructions onscreen then it will restart anyway.
          (Ed. note: Thanks to CPDN user 'uk_nick')

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