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Hadcm3n3_um_6.07 C++ Runtime error
Hadcm3n3_um_6.07 C++ Runtime error
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Questions and Answers : Windows : Hadcm3n3_um_6.07 C++ Runtime error

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Message 42982 - Posted: 24 Sep 2011, 7:52:33 UTC

For a few days now I now get two C++ runtime errors everytime I switch my PC on and run BOINC.
The error windows look like this:

The taskbar says it refers to program

Example W/U error

PC info

Can anyone help?

Les Bayliss
Volunteer moderator
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Message 42983 - Posted: 24 Sep 2011, 8:57:00 UTC - in response to Message 42982.

It may not be a complete solution, but I notice that your failed models have a lot of Suspended CPDN Monitor - Suspend request from BOINC...

So perhaps you still have Suspend work if CPU usage is above set to the default of 25%.
This will stop/start the models when YOU use the computer. Being originally developed to run on supercomputers, the models don't like being interrupted, and will crash if this happens at critical moments.

Backups: Here

Questions and Answers : Windows : Hadcm3n3_um_6.07 C++ Runtime error

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