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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Access violation errors (Message 4377)
Posted 20 Sep 2004 by benderr2001
> If you have overclocked your pc - just slow it down a little. If not -
> probably you have problems with your memory.
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Thank you for your response, Fram!

I am using a standard P4 3.06 GHz (not overclocked) and the memory passed all tests of the utilities that are available to me (Sandra, CheckIt and Pitstop).
More suggestions?

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Access violation errors (Message 3926)
Posted 11 Sep 2004 by benderr2001
How can I handle / avoid frequent access violation errors when running boinc client 4.05 for Windows?
3) Questions and Answers : Windows : Client error (Message 3316)
Posted 7 Sep 2004 by benderr2001
Apparently, they had a problem with the generation of work units last week - someone in the forum recommended to detach and reattach the project on the client side to get new (and clean) work units.

4) Questions and Answers : Windows : Errors when attempting to start workunit, see picture (Message 3171)
Posted 6 Sep 2004 by benderr2001
Why are the WU for ClimatePrediction so fragile?
Almost all of the ones were corrupt - even after I reattached to the project as suggested.


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