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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Computation error (Message 24239)
Posted 9 Sep 2006 by Profile Jonathan Jacobs
I do not know if someone else has the answer to this already on this site. But, here is goes. My CP-WU had comp. errors in it(why I\'m here), now it is not downloading any wu\'s. I check my account and I can see the wu there and there is more then half listed with errors. Can I get them (the server) to redownload them? That would also be apart of my wish list.

Some of you say to do a backup. Why??? Wouldn\'t the error still be there? In the data or in the file.

I have ver. 5.4.9
2) Message boards : Science : Don\'t get any work ? (Message 24192)
Posted 5 Sep 2006 by Profile Jonathan Jacobs
I think I am having a problem with getting new work. Although it is not a firewall issue. I had a computational error and when I try to do an update to see if I can get a new workload...nothing. It has been a few weeks now. How can I get a new work?
3) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Graphics, hmmmm (Message 23973)
Posted 17 Aug 2006 by Profile Jonathan Jacobs
If you send me units on sulpher or volcanos or whatever else that is downloaded. I would love to see the graphics on that, other then the spinning globe.

Or in the \'show graphics\' window, I have the option to change the view. Why does it not affect the screen saver?

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