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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : since upgrade, new PC id and no merge (Message 30178)
Posted 24 Aug 2007 by Profile WNj
When computers are hidden I don\'t think this makes any difference to the project statistics. The server can still see hidden computers - it\'s only the readers on the forums who can\'t see them.
As MikeMarsUK correctly guessed, it´s the \"thirdParty\" statistics, where hiding the PCs is \"helping\"
The way the \'merge computers\' tool works is designed and implemented by the boinc software from Berkeley in California. I think you will find that it works in exactly the same way on every boinc project. The cpdn programmers can modify or select some elements of the boinc programs, but I don\'t think they can modify how the \'merge computers\' tool functions.
As boinc is open source, anyone could change the code, but surly it´s better to stick to the one original. Please check Message 6577 where I had exactly the same problem.
@Iain Inglis - testing the new boinc-manager-releases sometimes ruins an installation, the same is happening to me, when I´m tinkering on my PCs, especially, when trying to get two hard-disks working together - in fact I havn´t even recodnized error 107. Hopefully that doesn´t ruin my BBC WU - it´s on 85%....

2) Message boards : Number crunching : No credit for 2 days (Message 30177)
Posted 24 Aug 2007 by Profile WNj
The server also keeps track of the contact sequence number of each host. When you change things and this number is not what the server expects it can create a host ID that can not be merged even if all the descriptive fields are identical.
Hi John, I have never heard from the \"contact sequence number\". That would explain my problem of merging some PCs, while not being able to merge others. Is there any chance to get that straited out?
3) Questions and Answers : Windows : since upgrade, new PC id and no merge (Message 30158)
Posted 23 Aug 2007 by Profile WNj
WNj, Which boxes are you trying to merge? 575539 and 539919 have the same descriptions, but both appear to have been operating over the same period (i.e. they look like separate machines)
Similarly, 357513, 370822, 374038, 374326 and 443067 have overlapping model downloads and the last four all managed to communicate with the server within four minutes on 13 August 2006. Are they really the same machine? If not, then you shouldn\'t expect the merge to work - it\'s not a tidying up tool, it\'s just to remove duplicates for the same machine that come from restoring a backup, or upgrades. Iain
Hi Iain, for cpdn your noted ones are correct, three more on beta and seven more on BBC, attribution is clean.
I tried cleaning up about a good year ago with the method mentioned by Les - must have been the 13 August last year. (It did not work then and I have been told to wait, as the doublettes had active WUs due to installing, reinstalling, ruined backups and so on. As I could not kill the vanished WUs I´ve been told I have to wait, until they get the outcome \"no reply\".) Well, meanwhile most of the WUs are finished or on \"no reply\" if not killed so I tried again.
It were about two dozens more PC-doublettes - all the ones without WUs I was able to delete, others did merge very well to 575539. What is left in cpdn are the ones you said. That are the ones I am trying to get rid of. I could use the mentioned method again, but as it seemd not work, I checked forum - and found many similar questions - the most interesting ones 4463, 4947, 5119, 5275, 5293, 5338 and 5442 I asked for their outcome. Finding no slution I created a post in the with list 1282 on beta. Too many, as it seemd, as it made forum-users unhappy - sorry for that - I guess, these posts must have popped up on some \"lately changed\" list - I did not mean to make people angry. I just opened about fifty or so search-results in different tabs and worked through them. Sorry again - @MO.V - War bestimmt keine Absicht - und praktischer ist es mit einem Task sicherlich - anscheinend war ich zu müde, um sowas einfaches zu übersehen.

Nevertheless the problem exists.

I got a PM just to hide my PCs on CPDN and spring-offs. So they won´t show up on boinc-statistics. Thats what he has done. Well, thats a way to get rid of disturbing questions, but it does not solve the problem. And solving the problem was, what I was looking for.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : No credit for 2 days (Message 30148)
Posted 23 Aug 2007 by Profile WNj
There IS no solution, just a a way to fix it until the next time that you upgrade BOINC.

I think it may be to edit client_state.xml, near the start, for each of your computers, and make the computer description the same.

If so, it would have to be while BOINC is stopped, and possibly best to make all of the old descriptions the same as the new description.
Hi Les - to do that it´s very easy - turn off boinc. In client_state.xml find the according host ID. Change it. Start boinc again. Actualise. Then the data shown in the project-stats are identical.
Unfortunatelly its not enough, merging still does not work.
My guess is, that the project saves the older descriptions and that is, why it does not find mergable computers - but it is just a wild guess, as I really do not know the reason.

Where ever the post was where someone did this, it explains the steps needed to do it. It may be on the BOINC/dev site.

5) Questions and Answers : Windows : since upgrade, new PC id and no merge (Message 30144)
Posted 23 Aug 2007 by Profile WNj
How do you parse that? That it\'s your problem? Or CPDN\'s problem? When boinc makes an operational change that negatively affects participants?
Well, it´s my problem, because the (boinc-)statistics show many boxes, that do not exist. I can not delete them - the reason for that is scientific, so nothing to do about it. I can not merge them - the reason for that is technical (development did not cope up with boinc), so that is something, that can be done on project side. And that is the reason, why it´s a problem of CPDN and its spring-offs. Surely one with low priority - but checking the forums it turns up quite often under different key-words and some of them quite old. So I hoped, meanwhile the problem has been solved and I have done a mistake, trying to merge mine.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : No credit for 2 days (Message 30143)
Posted 23 Aug 2007 by Profile WNj
Links to all of your posts are on your Account page on the server. It\'s near the top, to the right of: \"Message boards\", and is a number followed by \"posts\".
Hi Les, thank you. Unfortunatelly on all these links I do not find an answer to the question, if the problem has been solved.
7) Questions and Answers : Windows : since upgrade, new PC id and no merge (Message 30137)
Posted 23 Aug 2007 by Profile WNj
It\'s well known that BOINC is now extracting more info from the cpu to use as a descriptor, but it doesn\'t change the problem of automatically identifying an identical computer.
True, but it´s not boinc´s problem, but cpdn´s - or more correct: mine. And some more users have the same, as I´ve seen in the last houres checking the forums
8) Message boards : Number crunching : No credit for 2 days (Message 30136)
Posted 23 Aug 2007 by Profile WNj
Answered on other post.
Hm, I can´t find it - do you maybe have a link to that post?
9) Questions and Answers : Windows : my C2D 512434 dont receive since one month the credit for hadcm3ohe_0guu_05670184 (Message 30135)
Posted 23 Aug 2007 by Profile WNj
Les, I think this model is still running. It did crash on 16 March, but Denis must have restored it from a backup and (unusually for a model with this error message) it\'s happily processing and progressing again. If you scroll right down on Denis\'s page you linked to, you see that the computer ID number changes on 16 March. Denis, on this page if you click on \'All hosts\', you\'ll see a lot of computers listed. Some are duplicate records of the same computer(s). When you restore a backup, a new record is created for the computer. You need to go to the page for one of these duplicates and at the bottom you\'ll see a button \'Merge computers\'. You may need to do this more than once to eliminate all the duplicates. Your credits should then reappear. Please post to tell us whether that works.
Hi Barraud Denis, did this work?
10) Questions and Answers : Windows : Merging computer ID\'s (Message 30133)
Posted 23 Aug 2007 by Profile WNj
Due to a hardware breakdown, i had to reformat my computer. Obviously, when i reinstalled Boinc and sign in for my account, i got 2 computer ID\'s on my computer list. I didn\'t care about that for a couple of months but now i\'ve added a 2nd machine working on the project. So i decided to fix things out and do the necessary merging or deletion of the old computer ID. Now the trouble starts: i select the old ID, i select Merge and i get a screen with something like \" the computer you want to merge with...\" and a nice EMPTY list of computers. Something is not working in here. I\'ve done the same in other projects i\'m running and no trouble like this showed up.
Hi Anticyber, did your problem ever get solved? I have several hosts not able to be merged and I am looking for help....
11) Questions and Answers : Windows : Upgrade to PC (Message 30132)
Posted 23 Aug 2007 by Profile WNj
Hi all, Just to let you know that I have successfuly upgraded my PC to a new 950D dual-core for some more BOINC crunching power. XP did need to be re-installed, but it all seems fine right now and I am happily BOINCing away!! Thanks for all of your advice and help. Regards, Neil.
... You have the option of merging computers in your account info for any given client that you run. I\'ve merged Intel into AMD and vice versa previously and had no issues (though I still have an AMD 2500 floating around that won\'t merge for some reason). It seemed that needing the same computer name (ID) was necessary. Hope this helps you get your credit merged onto your existing rig.
Hi, how did you do the merging? CPDN says, I have no hosts to merge, even if there are.
12) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Merging old dead computers (Message 30130)
Posted 23 Aug 2007 by Profile WNj
... I wish I could merge them with active machines. Also a while back I was able to copy the boinc dir to a new computer change the xml files with an old Computer ID and it would take the place of that old computer. A few months ago it stopped doing that. Was there a reason for that change to?
Hi Drail, did you ever get an answer to your question?
13) Message boards : Number crunching : Model run seems stuck! (Message 30126)
Posted 23 Aug 2007 by Profile WNj
Go to Your Account, on left of this page, and click on Computers on... View, click on Computer ID then, at bottom of the page, Click to merge. You\'ll be given self-evident options to merge the machine IDs. (It always keeps the newest one.)
What to do, if that does not work?
14) Message boards : Number crunching : No credit for 2 days (Message 30125)
Posted 23 Aug 2007 by Profile WNj
The merging uses the descriptions of the computer to see if they are the same. Yours aren\'t, because one is \'described\' by BOINC 5.8.8., and the other by an earlier version.
Has this problem been solved?
15) Questions and Answers : Windows : since upgrade, new PC id and no merge (Message 30124)
Posted 23 Aug 2007 by Profile WNj
The CPU type is one of boinc\'s major descriptors of each computer, so unless you replaced the old CPU with an identical one, boinc would consider it to be a different computer and you wouldn\'t be able to merge them.
Boinc itself introduced different names for processors, depending on the version of the manager

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