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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Iceworlds & Slowdowns hadsm3/mh - Closed - Discussion (Message 35731)
Posted 2047 days ago by Profile m.mitch
What a pity. I normaly leave these machines unattended but by chance checked this one (before going away for 3 weeks too). It looks like it has been returning trickles once evry month or two.

With the planet below 42 from north to south I\'m not surprised. :-)

Here \'Tis:

I\'ll abort it now.
2) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Team Recruiting Thread II (Message 31004)
Posted 2478 days ago by Profile m.mitch
By any measure Aussie Assault 9 (AA9) on QMC has been a fantastic success!!

Even though AA9 is officially over, the team has just passed 10 million credits in QMC, the last 5 million all in the last 18 days. That is an enormous amount of science crunched.

The team\'s daily output should have started winding down to about double its pre-AA levels, about 50,000 a day, but we are still seeing around 250,000 a day. Not to bad for QMC.

It should start to drop in the next week or so but the project has caught the interest of many BOINC@AUSTRALIA members. That\'s another great side affect of the AA\'s.

The next event starts on 10 December 2007.
3) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Team Recruiting Thread II (Message 30765)
Posted 2497 days ago by Profile m.mitch
G\'Day Crunchers Everywhere!

Aussie Assault Number 9 is on the starting blocks and this time the target is QMC@Home.
The team will be concentrating a significant portion of their processing power on that project from October 1st for the following two weeks.

Aussies anywhere in the world - if you are teamless, come and join us! We have a great team website where you can get all the support (both moral and technical!) that you need. Just click on the team logo in my sig and
follow the links to the forum.

And of course, the invite is open to non-Aussies too!

The starting gun goes off at Midnight Sunday local time for all the team.

Aussie Assault 8 was hard work because SETI had problems but QMC has a good track record for reliability. Let\'s hope we have a good Assault this time!
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Pirates interfering with CPDN ? (Message 28620)
Posted 2637 days ago by Profile m.mitch
I think John, who\'s a wealthy Insurance Executive 8O and part time spy ;), should buy another 512M stick of RAM.
5) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Team Recruiting Thread - CLOSED (Message 27117)
Posted 2710 days ago by Profile m.mitch
This is plain and simple!

I want 3,000,000 climate project credits worth of new team members. Any climate project!

You don\'t have to have 3,000,000 credit to join us, no! 2,000,000 will do for a start, you can owe us the rest! :D

If you\'ve retired from all climate projects, if you\'re still crunching and would like to join an Australian team and anyone can. I beg of you, join us - please! Don\'t make me beg. Oh crap, I just did.

Help us defeat those on the Dark Side of BOINC, Phoenix Rising, and fight for all that is good and........ Heck, even I don\'t believe that and I\'m writing it :faint:

If you join, I\'ll stop posting! ;-)
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Passed by the same team three times! :o (Message 27116)
Posted 2710 days ago by Profile m.mitch
Being passed by the same team three times must be some kind of record I think. But that\'s what I get for egging them on I suppose.

[vent_frustration] Yes Phoenix Rising managed to pass us, BOINC@Australia, by scoring a member from the ever resilient BOINC Synergy (don\'t their numbers look bad now) who took 2,682,168.64 climate credits to the team.

I wish they\'d joined us! Bet you wish they\'d joined yours though. ;)

So if you\'d like to help, please mark all donations to either B@A or BS.

I don\'t think we\'ll try and pass them back. It\'s getting to hard. [/vent_frustration]

I feel better now. Skulks out to buy a Core 2 Quad...
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Trojan boinc installation by rogue member (Message 26965)
Posted 2717 days ago by Profile m.mitch
The only way you could probably determine whether big crunchers are using hijacked machines would be if the servers were set up to save all the IP numbers, rather than each contact IP number overwriting the previous one. It would have to identify anomalous behaviour eg any member with computers in more than one country. So the software would have to include identifying the origin of the IP numbers. Like the banks that can identify anomalous spending patterns.

Using the BOINC members country may be problematic. As an example one of our members resides in China and works all over South East Asia.

It would look horribly suspicious to see an Australian returning results from that demographic. Although this scenario may be easily overcome.

In any case, legitimate users would be much easier to contact.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Trojan boinc installation by rogue member (Message 26964)
Posted 2717 days ago by Profile m.mitch
This thread can be used for discussion, reprobation and ridicule.

I like this part so much I had to add something. Well done to the CPDN project staff. I hope the other projects can do the same thing and maintain a sense of cross project uniformity.
9) Questions and Answers : Windows : Can\'t create user in php forum (Message 26554)
Posted 2735 days ago by Profile m.mitch
Thanks Mike, but it should be fine. Updated my documentation.
10) Questions and Answers : Windows : Can\'t create user in php forum (Message 26515)
Posted 2736 days ago by Profile m.mitch
That was perfect, thank you very much.

Who would have thought I\'d used my real name, without any prefix. :o

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