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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Visual Fortran Run-time error (Message 24888)
Posted 27 Oct 2006 by old_user166565
Thanks for your answer. I\'ll leave it alone for now and watch the dates.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Visual Fortran Run-time error (Message 24885)
Posted 26 Oct 2006 by old_user166565
I\'m running two models atm. One of them (hadcm3lbm_2v0f_05089644_0) exited with zero status yesterday. It started working again, however, so I didn\'t use my backup. This morning I had a series of Windows messages showing the Visual Fortran error and the message tab is now showing the ...if this happens repeatedly..... message five or six times.

I think it may be a similar problem to the looping models, as this WU is also type 5-08, as is my other WU. Should I delete this WU, ot try the backup? That is simply a copy of the BOINC folder taken late last night, so it also contains the other projects I\'m running (Malaria Control, Rosetta, Ralph, QMC & Einstein). I don\'t want to cause problems on those projects by going bacwards. Any help would be gratefully received/
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows XP Home edition SP 2 Error message. (Message 24092)
Posted 25 Aug 2006 by old_user166565
I\'ve just had a Windows error message saying that one of my two models (hadcm3bm_9yv6_05234357_0) has hit a problem and needs to close. The Boinc Manager says it is still running, but the CPU time measure isn\'t moving. There are no error messages in the \'messages\' tab. Help! What do I do now? The Manager had just sent a trickle-up message. Is it possible to retrieve the data from this and carry on from there? This model has had over 1,000 hours of CPU time. I\'d hate to lose it now. 22.41 BST Don\'t know what\'s happened to change things, but the model\'s running again. Panic over.
4) Questions and Answers : Windows : Unrecoverable error - exit code 99 (Message 22090)
Posted 16 Apr 2006 by old_user166565
Thank you all for the help. I hadn\'t known about the problem with the models. Knowing my models have been killed, rather than dying accidentally, is a great comfort. I\'ll get Climate to update, then wait for new models.
5) Questions and Answers : Windows : Unrecoverable error - exit code 99 (Message 22078)
Posted 16 Apr 2006 by old_user166565
I had two models running -hadcm3lb_4tm8_05012988_0 and
hadcm3lb_5icl_05045041_0. The first model exited with exit code 99 (0x63) at 11.23.57, the second, with the same exit code, at 11.29.44. Can anything be done to recover these models? I have backup from three days ago, but don\'t know if it would help. Can anyone help me, please?
6) Questions and Answers : Windows : Time to completion increasing (Message 21962)
Posted 9 Apr 2006 by old_user166565
Experience with the 5.2 versions of BOINC suggests that they are a poor indicator of time to completion. Whether 5.3 and later will prove much better I\'m not sure but the best estimate will be the one you do yourself, taking % complete and actual CPU time as the basis.

The only reason to worry about time to completion increasing would be if the percentage complete actually fell - this can happen if your experiment hits a problem and has to go back to an earlier point, but there is nothing you can do about that.

If you are worried about how long the experiments wil take, you can set no new work in the projects tab and then suspend one of the tasks, letting the other run to completion.

Thank you. I hadn\'t noticed (but should have) the disparity between CPU times & percentages. Using those times as a measure, my two models have 4000hrs and 4562 hrs to run (using 23 hrs per day to allow for backup etc.) instead of the 1800hrs and 1799 hrs listed. Quite a disparity!
7) Questions and Answers : Windows : Time to completion increasing (Message 21957)
Posted 9 Apr 2006 by old_user166565
I\'ve done a search and can\'t find this problem listed. If this is a duplication, I apologise. I have two BBC models running. Whilst checking resource share yesterday, I noticed that the two models were showing larger times to completion than the previous day. One model had 19:02:09 of CPU time during the 24 hours, the other 7:45:23. But as of 10:46 BST today each is showing almost an hour more to comletion than it was the previous day. Can someone tell me what is going on, please? The message file doesn\'t show any problems, nor does it show any extra download of work.

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