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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : wrong % progress (Message 16917)
Posted 3834 days ago by zioriga
The \'to compeletion\' is an estimate. The percent is more likely to be correct, however it is also an estimate. The only figure mentioned that has a really good chance of being acurate is the CPU time. Even that one will confuse some participants since it is CPU time and not wall time.

I think your reply is not quite right.
All the other projects work correctly. Why only CPDN isn\'t right ???
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : wrong % progress (Message 16912)
Posted 3835 days ago by zioriga
in my CPDN project with hasdm3 4.13 client version I find a wrong percentage in progress.
I have 30:43:25 CPU time and 398:35:56 To completion.

This is about 7,5 %. But the Progress column is 4,09% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I have an AMD Sempron 2700 with 1GB RAM. Windows XP 2nd Ed

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