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1) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Massive Censorship at Predictor Boards! (Message 27540)
Posted 27 Mar 2007 by Profile old_user185681
Hi Inais,

If you look at the link that mo.v posted above, you\'ll see that it was her who posted the first notice :-) (Saenger\'s was a copy of hers).

My understanding is that the admin at Predictor@Home had originally missed all the news about Wate.

Since Predictor@home has now been informed of the details behind the trojan account and is acting to block it, posts relating to Predictor@home should henceforth be made at the Predictor@home project and relevant teams rather than CPDN. I think you need a RAC of 1 in order to post at Predictor.

Thank you MikeMarsUK and Saenger about your info for the RAC at PAH. Yesterday mine was 4 and today now 3 - and befor this all was happend - I have had no problem to post anything. So for me it look like there must have been a change and a restriction on Sunday and came up after the \"Good bye\" tread was created.
2) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Massive Censorship at Predictor Boards! (Message 27528)
Posted 26 Mar 2007 by Profile old_user185681
I have found info about at the Einstein Froum
Edit:Message 64564 - Posted 20 Feb 2007 18:08:18 UTC
Last modified: 20 Feb 2007 18:09:24 UTC - Saenger posted there

So the \"subject\" was known 1 month ago. I cannot post anymore at P@H because \"I have not enough credits\"

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