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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Pending Credits (Message 35427)
Posted 2 Nov 2008 by Profile old_user191612
I have found in my pending credits nearly 1/4 million credits. Is this a error or is this normal? Some parts are from 2006, other are younger.
2) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : 64 bit processor (Message 29241)
Posted 13 Jun 2007 by Profile old_user191612
How is the situation today? Why CPDN don\'t have 64bit applications? ABC and RieselSieve are have a lot better performance on LINUX 64bit than on 32bit. So the power user crunch rather ABC or RieselSieve than CPDN. I think, some users (me too) will come back with a bunch of PCs to CPDN when 64bit applications are available.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Trojan boinc installation by rogue member (Message 27478)
Posted 24 Mar 2007 by Profile old_user191612
Good morning.

I have not used the Name Wate in my postings on P@H, I\'ve only pilloried the censorship of postings. But I have written a mail to his boss with links to all the threads with the thinking about the censorship on the scripps research institute. Also I\'ve forwarded all systemmails from the forum to my mailaddress with the censored post, included the information why and that I\'m censored. The statement line contained only: \"None\"

Here is one of the mails:

Predictor@Home notification:

This email is sent to inform you that one of your threads in the forum has been affected by moderation in Predictor@Home:
Thread: What the hell is here going on?
Link: /forum_thread.php?id=2545

The moderator gave this explanation to why your thread was moderated:
None Given

For further information and assistance with Predictor@Home go to
4) Questions and Answers : Windows : Comments for \'Generic solutions to models\' sticky (Message 25865)
Posted 7 Jan 2007 by Profile old_user191612
>>... and the second is a -161 error in the log.
I\'ve this error more than 4 times on one machine. It\'s a AMD 64 under XP Pro.

>>* If you use Norton or Sophos antivirus,

>>* Before playing games or other heavy duty applications ...
Thats possible, sometimes I run Games.

>>* Run a stability test on your machine...
That\'s all ok on my computer.

>>* Overheating can cause instability...
Overheating was\'nt the problem.

* People who have overclocked their machines...

>>* Make backups about once per week
Make it daily, but when I make a replay ... Groundhog Day ...

>>* Watch out for firewall messages ...
Firewall was\'nt the problem.

>>* Windows \'time sync\' messages ...
hardly probable

>>* The benchmark boinc runs every 5 days ...
Not the problem.

>>* The Memory requirement for XP machines is now 512MB
1 GB

The Error is only on a AMD Athlon 64 under XP Pro. The other machines are Sempron 3000, Sempron 3200, Athlon 3000, T2400 (all XP) and one AMD 64 but under Win 2003 Server. They are not concerned.

Oh, by the way. On this machine CPDN runs when stopped with 50% of the rest of capability. Normaly I see 45% in taskmanager when stopped. CPDN can\'t be stopped by user or other tasks, it\'s run everytime. That\'s not normal.

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