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1) Message boards : Number crunching : UK Met Office HADAM3P (global only) with MOSES II landsurface scheme v7.03 (Message 49108)
Posted 109 days ago by Profile Conan
I must be one of the lucky ones as I have managed to finish a MOSES without error (as far as I can tell).
See WU 8804573

Just waiting for the validation and credits to catch up.

Took just over 311 hours run time.

2) Message boards : Number crunching : HTTP gateway timeout (Message 48877)
Posted 130 days ago by Profile Conan
Couldn't find another thread relating to this issue so started another.

I noticed that my account showed I had a WU that was not on my computer.
So I investigated the BOINC Manager log for answers.

Shortly before midnight (Australian time) on the 23/4/14 my computer tried to download a new work unit.

This apparently failed with the message Scheduler Request Failed : HTTP gateway timeout

As I never got this WU it will stay on my list for a year before getting resent.

Why does the system think it downloaded files when nothing connected and just timed out?

3) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Cannot Update Computer Preferences (Message 48867)
Posted 131 days ago by Profile Conan
If I click on the link for each model type under my preferences I get an error that the Page can't be found, so you can't get any information on the different models to see what is required.

4) Message boards : Number crunching : Missing Credits from Host Total (Message 43629)
Posted 971 days ago by Profile Conan
Well I had to fiddle didn't I?
I updated the OS of the Host originally having the credit issues after it had dropped from 491,954 credits to 290,613, I went from 32 bit to 64 bit.
My total has now dropped again to just 184,022 credits.

So HOST 1186021 should have 597,150 Total Points (shows 214,415 points which is the displayed WU total in my account which has yet to be archived)

HOST 1188489 should have 491,954 Total Points (did show 290,613 NOW showing 184,022 points which is the viewable WU total not yet archived)

So for some reason the system is only giving a Host the value of the viewable Work Units accessible in your account, not the overall total of all work processed by the Host (which is Viewable Work Units PLUS Archived Work Units).

Hope is high that Climate Prediction Team will resolve this issue in the near future.

After all it is a new year and stress has taken a back seat over the holiday break.

5) Message boards : Number crunching : Missing Credits from Host Total (Message 43591)
Posted 984 days ago by Profile Conan
I've certainly had credit totals for a host reduced when that host was merged, which anomalous behaviour was passed onto the project team (failure to carry across archived results?). However, my overall total didn't reduce.

G'Day Iain,
My host total stayed the same after I merged the host. It dropped after the first trickle was received.
My overall total appears OK.
However I would like my Hosts to be reporting the actual amount of work they have performed, at the moment it looks like they have done very little work for the total that I have, also to get the correct placing in host stat rankings, plus I like things to add up. At the moment very little adds up unless you do a lot of maths like I have in this thread.

If something was mucked up in the first place then that same something can be repaired.

If it has been reported then at least project staff know about it and I hope can get round to fixing it up.
At the moment I know they have lots of other more important issues, particularly with data storage problems, so I will continue to wait.

As I said in my previous post, I have waited a year now so I can wait a little longer.

Thanks again, and have a good Christmas.

6) Message boards : Number crunching : Missing Credits from Host Total (Message 43582)
Posted 985 days ago by Profile Conan
Thanks Les,
I am waiting, and have been since I first started this thread on the 1st of January 2011 (1/1/11).
So 12 months waiting so far.
I can wait a little longer.

Have a good Christmas and speak to you next year (same for all Climate Prediction people, both Admin and Volunteers)

7) Message boards : Number crunching : Missing Credits from Host Total (Message 43580)
Posted 985 days ago by Profile Conan
Well it looks like I spoke too soon.
Someone has looked at my problem.
Unfortunately they have made it worse.

The Host I was having the problem of totals with still has that problem, it has not been fixed.
That is Host 1124050, it still shows 290,613 but should have 491,954 credits as its total.

Now Host 852550 which I was having NO trouble with and it had the correct totals, I upgraded the operating system from 32 bit to 64 bit.
This gave me a new Host ID of 1186021.

And with my first Trickle in quite a while my total for this Host has DROPPED from 594,649 to 211,662 (includes a Trickle of 252 credits).

The displayed totals for my two hosts are the totals of my viewable work units for each host, not my overall totals for these hosts (which should include the archived amounts as well).

Can my two hosts please be corrected to the following amounts

HOST 1186021 should have a total of 594,649 cobblestones

HOST 1124050 should have a total of 491,954 cobblestones

If this can be done I will be very happy, you will be happy as I wont be nagging you and we can all enjoy the Christmas/New Year break.

Thanks for you understanding in bring this ongoing issue to an end

8) Message boards : Number crunching : Missing Credits from Host Total (Message 43577)
Posted 986 days ago by Profile Conan
Thanks Les,

It would appear then that they decided to not do anything.
In the larger scheme of things my issue has not been considered important and compared to a database crashing I guess it would appear to be not that big a deal.

However it is an issue for me.

I suppose I just like things to be correct and adding up nicely, annoys me when they don't.

Never mind, I will just have to live with it unfortunately.

Thanks Les for helping as much as you have.

9) Message boards : Number crunching : More FPU or Integer Power needed? (Message 43553)
Posted 994 days ago by Profile Conan
I'm pleased so far with my new i7. I was expecting it to have four cores but was surprised to find eight.

I'd started listening to YouTube recordings of Teresa Berganza while doing various jobs on the computer but it's crunching such a lot and the eight models are using so much of my 20GB monthly bandwidth allowance that I've had to limit my listening. Las tres hojas Sevillanas

It also has a usable GPU but there's not enough spare bandwidth to let the GPU have more than three or four hours' practice on Einstein each day.

I think you will find that you 4 physical cores (Quad core) but with hyperthreading turned on Windows reports that you have 8 cores, 4 physical and 4 virtual (Intel does not have a Core i7 with 8 physical cores just yet but are working on it).

But as far as you are concerned you can have 8 things running at once just like an 8 core computer.

10) Message boards : Number crunching : Missing Credits from Host Total (Message 43552)
Posted 994 days ago by Profile Conan
I've had a reply, and I've been thinking about it for a couple of days. But I don't understand the figures, and I can't get my credits to add up either.

This is your data:

The archive.stats table says there are 36 entries for a total of 690920.619526058. The entries in the archive for the host you mention are:

| resultid | total_credit |
| 8400870 | 52254.7200679779 |
| 8401264 | 52254.7200679779 |
| 10812572 | 2081.77205586433 |

The BBCode isn't working. :(
My credits are spread over several defunct parts of cpdn, and I've never kept track of what I've had, so I'm going to have to leave this for someone else to explain.

Thanks for the reply Les,

There should be a lot more results in the archive.

Working backwards with a bit of maths that may help

I have 2 hosts on this project Host 852550 and Host 1124050 .

Host 852550 has a total of 594,397 which appears to be correct.
Total viewable WUs on account total 211,409

Host 1124050 shows total viewable WUs of 184,021.

So Total archived for Host 852550 equals 594,397 - 211,409 = 382,988.

Total amount of archived points = 690,921 So 690,921 - 382,988 = 307,933.

This means that 382,988 archived points belong to Host 852550 and 307,933 archived points belong to Host 1124050.

My Total points 1,086,351 minus Archived points of 690,921 = 395,430 points.

My Total viewable WUs for both hosts is 211,409 (host 852550)+ 184,021 (host 1124050) = 395,430 points

So this bit adds up.

Now if you take my Total of 1,086,351 ans subtract the 594,397 points of Host 852550 then you are left with 491,954 points.

491,954 -
307,933 = (archived points total for Host 1124050)
184,021 (which equals the viewable amount of WUs for Host 1124050).

So I Claim that Host 1124050 should have 491,954 points (not 290,613 as displayed).

Les you show 3 WU that total 106,591.21 points from the archive

I have shown that there is 307,933 archived points for Host 1124050.

Subtract 106,591 from 307,933 you get 201,342 (rounded) which is the original amount that I asked to added back onto Host 1124050.

If you subtract displayed total of 290,613 from Actual Total of 491,954 then again you get 201,341.

So HOST 1124050 should have a TOTAL of 491,954 points.

It is Missing 201,342 (rounded) points from its total.

I don't know why you can't see the rest of the archived work units but I know the maths and I know the amount I had before any results were originally archived.

Thanks for your effort in this Les, it is much appreciated.

Hope the maths makes sense


G'Day Les,

How are things going now with Climate Prediction?
It has been about 120 days since we last spoke, as I wanted to give the project time to sort out some of it's problems.

Are they sorted out now?
If so has anyone had time to look at my issue?


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