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1) Message boards : Number crunching : WAH2 CREDITS SET TO LOW (Message 52616)
Posted 399 days ago by Profile Conan
Yes, it's the hadam3pm2 I was concerned about. My thought is to let it go on for a while to see if its "slowness" persists. It's possible I'm wrong, or getting excited prematurely; in any case it should be clearer after a few more days.

Actually, I'm really curious to know if anyone else running the model has encountered the same issues--or not.

G'Day jrapdx,

I have noticed the same on my AMD 1090 Phenom, first estimate was for 96 Hours to completion. After running for 8 and 3/4 hours it is now up to 113 Hours to run with just 0.257% completed. That's an estimate of 3,284 Hours run time.
That is getting back to the old days when Climate ran for months to get a WU to complete.
I doubt that it will take this long and that the original 96 Hours is closer to the mark, however going on a previous failed WU it will take over 250 hours.

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Linux/Mac/Windows segmentation (Message 51881)
Posted 551 days ago by Profile Conan
I have a couple of Fedora 16 64 bit systems. To start my BOINC sessions I would click on the "Files" icon to launch the files system, navigate to the BOINC folder and then start BOINC.
I would leave the "Files" open so I could easily go back to check things in BOINC or the Download folder or other files searches.

I found after doing this for a long time without a computer reboot (such as long running projects that restart from scratch if you start BOINC again), that my systems start to slow down and I start having memory issues.

The "Files" programme starts to use a lot of resources over time.

By closing it down when I am not using it (after I have done my file searches, started BOINC or installed some download), I found that the whole system came back to life and I got my memory back (the computers memory, not mine as that is already lost).

So an innocent programme could be causing you an issue.

3) Message boards : Number crunching : credit anomaly MOSES_eu vs MOSES_global 25% for eu? (Message 51793)
Posted 566 days ago by Profile Conan
Thanks to all who helped in getting this done.

4) Message boards : Number crunching : credit anomaly MOSES_eu vs MOSES_global 25% for eu? (Message 51765)
Posted 570 days ago by Profile Conan

Yes, thanks, I know this, I was responding to a couple of lower down replies as to me the issue did not seem clear.

I am still processing them even with the much lower credits, as I am hoping the science or results, may come to something useful.

Thanks to the moderators for their response in this matter.

5) Message boards : Number crunching : what is this stupid message (Message 51764)
Posted 570 days ago by Profile Conan
I'm set to get new work, but communication keeps getting deferred for one hour. In the meantime, Einstein and Seti continue working just fine.

The only work for Linux at the moment (as of today 5th April) is

hadam3prm3pm2t_eu (hadam3p global model with hadrm3p regional model with MOSES II land scheme and TRIFFID available) (currently no graphics) (Linux only)
Tasks ready to send 13,462

If you have your setting set to receive all model types you should pick some of these ones up.

6) Message boards : Number crunching : credit anomaly MOSES_eu vs MOSES_global 25% for eu? (Message 51758)
Posted 571 days ago by Profile Conan
As I noted in an earlier message

[Quote]I noticed that the credit awarded is exactly the same as the other (non-MOSES) Europe work unit type, so perhaps they have just got it mixed up.

17791628 9545343 17 Jan 2015 5:09:11 UTC 6 Feb 2015 18:15:18 UTC Completed 1,004,026.51 888,650.10 2,389.90 2,389.90 UK Met Office HadAM3P and HadRM3P model with MOSES II and TRIFFID Europe v7.01

17635813 9423239 8 Jan 2015 11:02:12 UTC 14 Jan 2015 4:05:09 UTC Completed 313,293.72 216.84 2,389.90 2,389.90 UK Met Office HadAM3P-HadRM3P Europe v7.23

They seem to have used the same crediting system for each Europe model even though they are completely different models.

7) Message boards : Number crunching : credit anomaly MOSES_eu vs MOSES_global 25% for eu? (Message 51750)
Posted 572 days ago by Profile Conan
This model is still not getting the correct credits, less than a 3rd of what they should be getting.

8) Message boards : Number crunching : How badly did I get screwed? (Message 51718)
Posted 577 days ago by Profile Conan
I don't have any A10 or similar CPUs but I have the older Phenom II type CPUs and to give you an idea of their run times on a couple of different models here they are (they run at 3.2 GHz standard clock, running Linux Fedora 16 64 bit)

This is quoted RUN Time, CPU Time is often quite a bit less,

MOSES II Landsurface Scheme around 1,008,800 seconds (280 Hours)

MOSES II and TRIFFID Europe around 1,004,000 seconds (279 Hours)

Coupled Model Full Resolution Ocean from 1,230,000 to 1,550,000 seconds (341 to 430 Hours)

I currently have 2 MOSES II and TRIFFID models running and they are

192 Hours at 67% with 92 Hours to go
242 Hours at 83% with 47 Hours to go

This at least will give you an idea as to what to expect, I am hoping that as you have much more recent chips then the times will be a lot lower, I am hoping this as I will have to update soon myself.

9) Questions and Answers : Windows : CPDN gone from Project tab after crash (Message 51646)
Posted 589 days ago by Profile Conan
Rather than re-attach to the project, which might cause multiple host instances, just try stopping BOINC, closing it then restarting it. You should not need to reboot but as it may be a driver issue then perhaps a reboot will sort everything out.

10) Message boards : Number crunching : credit anomaly MOSES_eu vs MOSES_global 25% for eu? (Message 51621)
Posted 593 days ago by Profile Conan
Does anyone know if this credit error was corrected?

I am not keen to run this WU I have just downloaded for 1,000,000 seconds only to find I am getting a 5th of the credit I should be getting for this WU type.


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