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1) Message boards : Science : HadCM3L Beta Test & CPDN HadCM3 Spinup projects (Message 25300)
Posted 26 Nov 2006 by svenni96
I\'m still runnig(suspend) 3 CPDN HadCM3 Spinup-Models. Is there any chance to upload the result in the near future? The website seems to be down. Will it ever come back. The link to the other thread mentioned by Les Bayliss doesn\'t work.

I read the new on the website a few month ago, but i hoped at that time, the site will be up for long time.

So, what should I done? Delete the models, because the results will never be needed?

Thanks in advance for all news concerning Spinup. In the meantime i will crunch coupled models.
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : Results seem to have failed (Message 23621)
Posted 15 Jul 2006 by svenni96
Yes, I have the same problem with my result 5120508 since some days.

But the last trickles are shown corretly. Seem that something odd with the database.
3) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Checkbox for aborted and disappeared WUs (Message 21247)
Posted 14 Mar 2006 by svenni96
Is it possible to implement at the result page a checkbox for every WU sended out. So everyone can sign the WU when it has been disappeared/aborted but not reported because on a crash of that PC.
I have a lot of WU, that I will never finish because of crashs. But they are still shown as validate and active WU.
If I could sign them, the server gets the information, that these WUs are aborted and starts the validation or sends out these WU once more instead of waiting for the deadline.
I hope you get what I want. :) I am no native speaker. If you have questions, please ask.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Combining BBC and CPDN Credits (Message 21231)
Posted 13 Mar 2006 by svenni96
As mentioned in the news, soon the BBC-Model will be send out as an normal CPDN-WU.
Is anything planed to combine the credits of both projects in the near future.
Or are there differences between the models send out from CPDN and BBC?
5) Questions and Answers : Windows : changing from win98 to XP (Message 15941)
Posted 12 Sep 2005 by svenni96
No, it is not possible to run a classic model on boinc. You should consider to change completly to boinc. It the system of future. And don`t care about the lost work. How long does it run? Credits form the classic one can`t taken to boinc.
6) Questions and Answers : Windows : Master file fetch failed????? (Message 15661)
Posted 4 Sep 2005 by svenni96
Well, I have the same problem like you Myster65 with one of my computers.
But I´m not agree with the answers from Arnaud, because in the news has been said, that this should not affect the upload of results or download of experiments.
furthermore I run CP on other computers too, and they can sucessfully connect to the scheduler at the same time. Why is it so?
But I will wait till tomorrow. I hope that I will connect without any error.

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