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1) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Belgium, a small country with a great team: BOINC.BE (Message 33565)
Posted 24 Apr 2008 by Profile old_user35834
Today BOINC.BE entered the top 20 of all projects combined. A remarkable achievement for a team from a relatively small country like Belgium. With our recent average of over 600K/day we rank even higher, at position 16. This means that we can rise even further.

As a national team we only let 5 countries before us: the US, Germany, Canada, Australia and the Czech Republic. But we want to do better. We reach the vast majority of crunchers in the north of our country. We would like to launch a special appeal to our friends in the south to join our effort. Help us build a top team where all Belgians feel at home in a friendly, multilingual team and forum.
2) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Belgian teams merge: Spacepage joins BOINC.BE (Message 31011)
Posted 19 Oct 2007 by Profile old_user35834
Team Spacepage has decided to join forces with Belgium\'s strongest DC team, BOINC.BE. The merge was announced in the Spacepage forum yesterday. Spacepage members will form a subteam within BOINC.BE, and can be recognized by the [SP] name tag. This will also allow them to participate in the internal subteam competition and team statistics. Spacepage promotes the use of BOINC for participation in scientific research. The new cooperation can contribute to the Spacepage initiative, by giving them access to the experience and contacts of Belgium\'s leading team.

Spacepage members can switch CPDN team using this link. To switch teams on all other projects, see this link.
3) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : BOINC.BE: Triple celebration in Belgium (Message 30847)
Posted 6 Oct 2007 by Profile old_user35834
Triple celebration at BOINC.BE

Bring on the crates of champagne. has reasons to celebrate.

- The team has reached the historic milestone of 100 million credits.
- Giorgio is now the number 1 cruncher in Belgium.
- We have risen to position 28 in the world ranking.

Great achievement, everybody. Keep filling those glasses.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Pirates interfering with CPDN ? (Message 28633)
Posted 12 May 2007 by Profile old_user35834
I got the same error as John for this work unit:

The machine is running XP. It\'s got 2GB of RAM, and plenty of disk space. The model runs alongside either MalariaControl or Leiden.

I have no antivirus software installed, so the crash definitely was not the result of a virus scan in progress.

One thing worth mentioning about the work unit. It was only running for a couple of days. After about 40 hours CPU time, BOINC suddenly showed only 24 hours CPU time. The BOINC message log did not show any crash or stop/restart. But in task manager I saw that the process was only running for 3 hours, where it had ran non-stop since the start. Luckily (I thought) the current timestep had not dropped back, so I thought no work was lost. You can see this clearly in the work unit\'s trickle info.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Unrecoverable error after 4100 hours :( (Message 27292)
Posted 12 Mar 2007 by Profile old_user35834
The server would just ignore the repeated trickle and would start acknowledging trickles again from the first new one. (Says one who has restored from backups often!) However, if it crashes again in the same place, you\'ve probably got a looper :-( and should abandon it.

Thanks for reply. But it turns out this was a hypothetical question. I checked the backup. As this machine is no longer in production, it is also no longer included in our backup cycle. Pity.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Unrecoverable error after 4100 hours :( (Message 27290)
Posted 12 Mar 2007 by Profile old_user35834
What are the chances of success if I restore a backup from that directory? It has trickled about an hour before the error, and the backup is at least a day old. So the same trickle would be sent more than once to the server. Any idea what would happen?
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Unrecoverable error after 4100 hours :( (Message 27289)
Posted 12 Mar 2007 by Profile old_user35834
My work unit errored out after over 4100 hours and almost 80% complete. That\'s really too bad. What might have caused this? The machine was dedicated only to this project. No task switching, no new version installed, no Windows update. Just crunching happily and then the error :(

8) Message boards : Number crunching : Perturbed parameters, should I worry? (Message 25659)
Posted 19 Dec 2006 by Profile old_user35834
It just means that the server routine to display the perturbed parameters is playing up...

Thanks, Mike. I will let it crunch happily into the new year then :)
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Perturbed parameters, should I worry? (Message 25648)
Posted 18 Dec 2006 by Profile old_user35834
Since a few days my cpdn results page is displaying a table of \'perturbed parameters\'. There is some mention in these boards of something similar, but I can\'t make out if it\'s worrying or not. Does it mean my model has gone to the dogs? Or should I just continue?

Perturbed Parameters for Result # 5276332
HadCM3L Coupled Model Experiment
Description Value Used Default Value Unit
ice fall speed 2.00000 1. m/s
ice fall speed 0.500000 1. m/s

10) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Team Recruiting Thread - CLOSED (Message 25044)
Posted 9 Nov 2006 by Profile old_user35834
The 2 largest Belgian teams BOINC.BE and Belgian MoOo Farm have joined forces. Together they will take on even bigger challenges and put Belgium on the Boinc map.

Belgian MoOo Farm lives on as a subteam of, alongside BAT,\'s special operations subteam. The subteams independently choose their course and can join the other subteams in their actions. Or take them on head-to-head in internal competions.

If you are from Belgium, or just like Belgians, come join us at If you have an own Belgian team and would like your team to be part of our effort to put Belgium on the Boinc map, come talk to us in our forum at
11) Message boards : Number crunching : Are you teamless? (Message 9748)
Posted 22 Feb 2005 by Profile old_user35834
What is wrong with it, is that you are using these projects for commercial purposes. Most of us have some business we could advertise here. If everybody did that, we might just as well call it seti@eBay, predictor@eBay, ...
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Are you teamless? (Message 9727)
Posted 21 Feb 2005 by Profile old_user35834
These projects are not created for you to create business leads. Take your flat-out commercialism elsewhere please.

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