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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Upload problem (Message 37475)
Posted 14 Jul 2009 by Profile old_user553658
With around 3 terabytes of science data being stored, things do slow down occasionally.

So it appears. Things are still in limbo... the last message complement reads:

14-Jul-09 2:32:14 AM Started upload of
14-Jul-09 2:32:16 AM Project communication failed: attempting access to reference site
14-Jul-09 2:32:16 AM Temporarily failed upload of connect() failed
14-Jul-09 2:32:16 AM Backing off 3 hr 7 min 25 sec on upload of
14-Jul-09 2:32:17 AM Internet access OK - project servers may be temporarily down.

Also, you say you have space for 3 Tb of data. I am going to pretend I know what I'm talking about :p ... but that equates to 14 of my computers' worth of memory and space (I only have 1, lol). For a project that's the largest climatological research job in the world using DC technology, that sounds like a real paucity of space. Maybe I should contribute £ to the effort so you all can get a spare PC or something for events such as this :) Seriously... is that the answer, more space?

Credits are allocated per trickle, all the way through the creation of a model. And you don't lose them, even for models that fail.

I looked up trickles, and I get how they work... kudos to the BOINC Wiki. Does that mean I already have the credit, that it's reflected in the rankings I look up for myself? Or is that credit latent, credited tentatively but somehow undisplayed pending a confirmation? If I have it already, do I need to worry if the data -ever- gets uploaded?...

...(from above rhetorical question) FYI, yes, I care very much about it being uploaded. I'm crunching for credit, sure, but I do so for our common knowledge as we try to save this planet we've already f----- up enough. I've read the business about the 14-day deadline thing, and how to extend it if need be. I don't care if I see the points already posted to my name... I'm here to help you all get that WU of mine, along with the 2 others I'm now doing, to you in good order. I'm not going to let that data go down the loo-throne.

If I need help finding or working with those files to extend time, I will come a-calling. Our Earth and my personal contributions toward understanding it and predicting future climactic change mean enough to me to make a serious pest of myself getting help with what I can't figure out by RTFM'ing.

As for weekends here, they do exist. I actually don't obligate myself to work much on Saturdays or at all on Sundays, though I generally do. And my computer knoweth not a Sabbath...
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Upload problem (Message 37461)
Posted 13 Jul 2009 by Profile old_user553658
Got a failure-to-upload problem, which seems to be de rigueur in order to crunch on this project... :p

Here's the feedback:

13-Jul-09 2:31:48 AM Started upload of
13-Jul-09 2:31:50 AM [error] Error reported by file upload server: Server is out of disk space
13-Jul-09 2:31:50 AM Temporarily failed upload of transient upload error
13-Jul-09 2:31:50 AM Backing off 27 min 9 sec on upload of
(and later)13-Jul-09 2:59:00 AM Backing off 3 hr 10 min 33 sec on upload of

This has happened several times... there appeared to be 2 accompanying files, and, and they uploaded after a couple of aborts. However, it looks like the big file doesn't want to or can't be uploaded.

What is a transient upload error, btw? Transient (<L transiens, -ntis transiting, temporarily visiting, going across, pres. part. of transire, to move across) implies temporary in nature. I do hope so :) Also, I read that there is a logjam of WU's waiting to be processed and such; how long should I expect to wait? N.B. the message about your server being out of space... what's up? Did someone go on leave and let everything kind of pile up?

Last, am I in any danger of losing this WU, of it just giving up like another guy's WU did? If so, please let me know any steps I might take to avoid this. And my CPU put in 228h 2m 41s on this baby... I do hope my credit isn't in jeopardy, as I am competitive and would like to see the points :) Thanks... to a better knowledge of our climate... :)

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