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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : No Trickles (Message 23316)
Posted 22 Jun 2006 by Profile old_user72696
same here...since I\'ve upgraded to 5.4.9 and created a BAM-account, my machines send op trickles like it should, but I don\'t see any credits coming my way? I can see on my CPDN page that the connection with the server was made and in my client log it also says that the server was contacted to send trickle-up message and that the connection was succesfull. question is ofcourse : is it 5.4.9 or BAM?

2) Questions and Answers : Windows : Deleting old computers from host (Message 21611)
Posted 26 Mar 2006 by Profile old_user72696
I have some old pc\'s on my account that I don\'t use anymore...

but I have no \'delete this host\' button when I go to the computer\'s pages....

is it not possible or do I just have to wait till they are unused for x couple of months??


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