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Task 15438278

Created18 Nov 2012 0:17:31 UTC
Sent18 Nov 2012 0:17:36 UTC
Received18 Nov 2012 20:15:29 UTC
Server stateOver
OutcomeClient error
Client stateCompute error
Exit status0 (0x0)
Computer ID1241743
Report deadline31 Oct 2013 5:37:36 UTC
Run time50,174.14
CPU time37,401.75
Validate stateInvalid
Claimed credit200.38
Granted credit200.38
application versionUK Met Office HADAM3P European Region v6.09
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Perturbed Parameters for Result # 15438278
UK Met Office HADAM3P European Region
Description Value Used Default Value Unit
Perturbation file ic19611113_14_N96

Solar Forcing solar_d001 solar_v01
file region eu_2kuk_1972_1_007608655_0

Model Start Date (Basis Time YYYY/12/01 00:00:00) 1972 1920
Model Run Length (Years) 1 160
Sea ice HadISST_SI_N96_1972_12_1975_01f

Atmospheric Start Dump atmos_2kuk_1972_1_007608655_0 yafbg.astart
Ozone Forcing o3_A2_1959_2010_N96_f.anc

Sulphate emissions so2dms_N96_1972_12_1975_02

Sulphate/Oxidant Forcing oxi.addfa

Volcanic Forcing volc_d001 volc_v01
Sea surface temperature HadISST_SST_N96_1972_12_1975_01f

Latest Trickles Received
Time Sent (UTC) Host ID Result ID Result Name Phase Timestep CPU Time (sec) Average (sec/TS)
18 Nov 2012 13:05:22 1241743 15438278 hadam3p_eu_2kuk_1972_1_007608655_1 1 11,616 30,057 2.5876

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