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Account data for {--D_I_M--} member since15 Oct 2007
Total credit943,587
Recent average credit0.00
Archived results (not viewable)485
Archived credit (included in total)503,527 Specific Equivalencies
HadSM3 Model-Years6,240.66
HadSM3 Complete (45-year) Runs138.68
Credit From Other Affiliated Projects
NB: Classic, Spinup, and Beta Test credits are factored in the above total credit
Seasonal Attribution and BBC Experiment Projects are credited on their particular sites (and the BOINC stats sites)
'Classic' HadSM3 Cobblestone Credits0.00
HadCM3 Spinup Cobblestone Credits0.00
Beta Testing0.00
BBC Experiment0.00

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