How Over the Knee Boots Became Women’s Fashionable Footwear
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Over the knee boots is a type of long boots which when worn extend beyond the knee. They are also known as thigh-high boots or cuissardes. They originated in the early 15th century and they were only worn by males who rode horses, as a form of extra protection to their legs. They remained extremely popular from the 15th century until the 19th century among the male population and wearing it was considered as a sign of masculinity. As such over the knee boots were generally made for the male population and it remained a staple of male fashion from the 15th century till the 19th century and was widespread.

This type of boots was only worn by the men, however, with the coming of the 20th century, women also started wearing over the knee boots. However, in most of the cases, it was worn only during plays when women were used to portraying male characters. As a result, when Over the knee boots were worn by women during plays it often caught the attention of many. Gradually they became popular among women, and as such, they became a common occurrence amongst the ladies. However, Over the knee boots as a fashion trend only started in the later part of the 20th century, specifically in the 1960s with the coming of new age designers. A few of the designers who were responsible for making Over the knee boots popular amongst the masses are Mancini, Roger Vivier, and Karl Lagerfeld and the fashion brands which they designed for were Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, and Chloe. Besides, designers and Fashion brands, even the entertainment industry made over the knee boots popular by featuring them in movies with the actresses wearing them in many scenes. As such they have become an extremely popular fashion item with people from all walks of life wearing them. Online fashion retailers such as have a wide range of styles to choose from. Over the knee boots are generally made of leather, but with the changing trends in fashion, it is now made with a wide variety of materials which include suedeand synthetic leather.

A great thing about knee high boots is that they look great on everyone and almost everyone can rock them without feeling out of place. However, with the wide variety of boots available in the market choosing the right one which will fit and suit your body type can become quite confusing. As such there are some tips which you can follow to make sure that you make the right choices when buying a pair of over the knee boots and they are as follows:

If you happen to be a tall individual, then choosing a pair of long boots is quite a natural process. This is because this type of bootsis best suited for tall females as they will naturally accentuate your height and your long legs. As such they look best when worn by tall females. Whether the over the knee boots is flat soled or comes with it a heel, in both the cases, you will be looking good. If you want to make a lasting impression upon others while wearing them, you can do so by wearing a bright or flashy turtleneck and pair it with a blazer which matches with the colour of your boots. Likewise, you can also opt for an oversized sweater worn over a mini skirt or skinny pants as well. These two outfit choices will make you stand out while wearing your favourite pair.

It is a common notion that long boots are not meant for petite females; however, this is not always the case. Over the knee boots also tend to go pretty well with petite statures as well, if you make the right choices when selecting. When finding a pair that fits you, try to find boots that are high heeled and avoid going for flat ones as they tend to highlight your short frame. Instead, wearing high heeled ones will make you look taller and increase your overall stature. Looking elegant in over the knee boots can also be easily achieved with the right outfit choices. You can go for long skirts which will cover only the top of the boots, or go with a baggy or oversized sweater. These outfits will ensure your boots does not look out of place in a petite individual and will make you look fashionable and stylish.

Females who have been endowed with curves, wearing over the knee boots with a Pencil Skirt is the best way to go. A pencil skirt will naturally highlight your Curves and will further accentuate your height as well. While wearing a pencil skirt see to it that it does not cross the top of your knee instead go very close to the top of the knee. For the upper wear, one should go for a matching colored shirt, a sweater or a blouse and then add a jacket on top based on the weather. When talking about the colour, see to it that the colour of your over the knee boots is opposite to the color of your dress. The most common colours are black and grey.

Over the knee boots as such are a very versatile and timeless fashion item, and they have stood the test of time with ease. They are a great fashion choice and the fact that they can be worn by all females irrespective of their body types makes them a must-have wardrobe item for all the ladies.

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