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The world's largest climate forecasting experiment for the 21st century.

Names beginning with K

Last updated 16 Nov 2010 11:10:24 UTC

Kinguni ("I live in Winterpeg, Canada, and have with the wild and variable weather we have here,...")
Keck_Komputers ("I have been testing BOINC since before it was actually released for testing. ")
Knightrider ("I live in London. I\'m an \'Old Boy\' sometimes I am a grumpy old boy. I have many names,...")
Klaws ("My name is Mel and i am an environmental science student at LaTrobe Uni, Melbourne. I am 26...")
Ken King ("I'm Canadian through and through, from Newfoundland but living in Alberta now... I...")
Kerwin ("I'm 26, a graphic designer in New York City and I've been involved with distributed...")
KiwiDad ("A Kiwi")
Kirsten ("I am a 64 year old grandmother of a girl and a boy and I am a mother of three grown-up...")
Kenneth Larsen ("I love that BOINC not only lets me help advance science, but also helps me learn about the...")
Ketil Thorsen ("I am from Drammen, Norway. I'm 40 years old. My hobbies are genealogy and astronomy.")

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