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Names beginning with W

Last updated 16 Nov 2010 11:10:25 UTC

Win Nowell Jr. ("I will think of something later.")
Wojtek ("Ich will Kühe *gg* Visit :")
witttom ("Motorcycle fanatic and eBay junkie. If you are a motorcycle junkie too, checkout:...")
Wales Index ("I'm just a guy who thought this project sounded interesting and seemed another way to plug...")
Wormie ("From Sweden, also at seti@home")
windhund ("ein echter Küstenjunge")
West Hampstead Weather ("I am a computer games developer now working for a company named Floodgate Entertainment...")
Wirinun ("I am a truck driver for pfd an I play golf on the weekend")
WereChild ("Brought into this world in the year of \'74, on a now infamous date. Loves pretty much...")
webslinger ("My name is George, I am 51, live in Minnesota and I am a Physicist and a Mathematician by...")

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