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Names beginning with Y

Last updated 16 Nov 2010 11:10:25 UTC

Y@h.oo ("Hello! My name is Jan Raczynski. I'm 30 year old guy working for "Big Red N" company in...")
yank ("Born in Brooklyn, NY a few years ago (1938) and now live in a very small town in Arkansas....")
Yonini ("Hi. I am a Japanese, a computer programmer, in my mid 30s. I have also participated w/...")
yerodin ("My Name is Benjamin, I`m a 1980 born german nursing student with interests in computers,...")
Yann60 ("Administrator of association Infoclimat. France")
Yuri Kassid ("Senior Technician Instructor - Computing Used to do lots of skydiving, ski-ing, sub-aqua...")
yunus ("from Turkiye, age 23, studying astronomy, hobbies herbalism and botany especially...")
Yves Grosdidier ("Postdoctoral research with Pr. S. Lovejoy (Group for the Analysis of Nonlinear Variability...")
yoyo ("I startet to work for distributed computing in 1997 with\'s RC5-56 project....")
Yannis Kokkalis ("Born in Greece 1963. Other interest include on-line gamimg, Seti@home participant since...")

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