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I started BOINCing in 2001 after graduating from SETI classic. I have been, and still am, with quite a few projects, with my current favourites being this one and the building of the new particle accelerator at CERN. I can only comprehend a small fraction of the science that they will be able to perform there when it is completed next year but I am happy that I have contributed in some small way towards the unravelling of the complexity of the universe. With WUs being limited there as they design, build, calibrate each section, I need other projects to keep my machine busy. I\'d really like to get into ORBIT but they\'re having trouble getting funding.

The avatar picture is of the plaques that are on the Pioneer 10 and 11 probes which were launched in the early \'70s and are the 2nd and 4th most distant man-made obects, being beaten only by the younger Voyager craft. P10 is now more than 3 times as far away as Pluto, as is V1 in the opposite direction. Unbelievably V1 and V2 are still sending back data.

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Whether we are responsible for the latest temperature rise or if it\'s just another natural cycle, I\'m not sure. The planet has been considerably colder, and hotter in the past but has always reached an equilibrium for a long period before rising or falling again, I believe in part caused by the movement of the continents affecting ocean currents. This is obviously a very slow process, allowing for stabilisation along the way. I hope that what we have been doing for the last hundred or so years won\'t tip the balance so far that nature can\'t sort it out. Even if it does, the planet may not still be habitable when the new equilibrium is eventually reached. There\'s cheery.
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